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growin’ old yo

EFF. It took me >10 tries to log into my wordpress acount because I absolutely can not remember my username/password combo (despite the fact that there I have pretty much the same username and pw for everything).

I spent the night before Halloween day decorating sugar cookies with my roomies. Everything made from scratch…except for the food coloring! Be forewarned, though, that royal icing by itself is ridiculously disgusting, but it complements cookies very well.

Sugar cookie recipe from allrecipes.com, with a delicious orange topped icing! It turned out amazingly well for my first delve into royal icing (albeit I wish it tasted a little less like cornstarch and plastic).

We tried to lick our black icing. (Which never got black enough)

Decorating in our tiny tiny kitchen.

A bat in progress! My apartment is an amazing artist.

My first creation is so beautiful and fugly.


Finished products!


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mamma mia.

Recent picture of my dad and me. Do we look alike?

I went with a friend to the pixar museum in Oakland, and attempted to look like an "ancient artifact." I know, I don't make sense to myself, either.

Yo the cooking mama is missing in action.

My propensity to forget and neglect many of the things I intend to do everyday reflects my overall lethargic, slow-paced work ethic. I am very sorry my dear “daily food blog,” but I should have posted a caution notice before I gave birth to you.

CLARO, I can always try again. Easier said than done, easier to post pictures than to type. (Yessenia, you are so lazy! You need some scolding from your mother, ahora). Hopefully soon, I will post pictures of food.

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About page has been updated! I am already falling behind blogging, even though I’ve only made one post. Foshizzle, I am amazing at this.

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Aloha, my new blog!

I am finally jumping on the WordPress bandwagon after inconspicuously stalking blogs for a year!

This will be a food blog about a tiny asian girl who left her heart in San Francisco and decided to go to UCLA, where she hopes to find her own space and identity.

Taken at the Getty Musuem. Attempting to look passive and pretty.

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